Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best basketball shoes for kids in 2020 along with a comparison table and a buyer’s guide to help you decide the best pair of basketball shoes for your kids.

Basketball is an amazing sport and people from every age group love this game and that includes kids too. So selecting the best basketball shoes for kids must be a priority for their parents because of the amount of influence they hold over the game.

Basketball is more than just sport for some people and enthusiasm kids have for this game is incredible. Playing basketball can be a refreshing and stimulating activity for your kids as it helps in their overall development.

The passion, sweat, amusement gathered from this sport makes up for an amazing experience. You can sail off your kid to this astounding world of basketball so that he becomes a good athlete and for that, it is necessary he wears a type of footwear which meets his demand.

We understand how much you care about your kid’s safety once he steps into the court that’s why it is our responsibility that we provide you list of best basketball shoes for kids so that your toddler can enjoy the game to the fullest without any harm.

In today’s list, we’ve come up with 10 basketball shoes which can be the ideal choice for your kids while they play basketball. This includes all necessary aspects which are desirable for the game, types of features that different shoes offer and their design and style. So without any further ado let’s jump into this amazing world of basketball which is full of excitement.

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids in 2020

Best Basketball Shoes for KidsUnder Armour Kids Jet Mid4.6/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsNike Kids Team Hustle4.5/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsNike Boys' Air Jordan4.3/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsNike LeBron XIII4.7/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsChampion Boys' Inferno4.4/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsJordan Air True Flight4.8/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsNike LeBron Soldier XI4.7/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsAdidas Kids Hoops 2.04.4/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsFifa F-13 Mid Top4.2/5
Best Basketball Shoes for KidsNike KD 84.8/5

1. Under Armour Kids Jet Mid

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

We understand the necessity of optimum selection of shoe and for that making its way first into the article is Under Armour Kids Jet Mid. This product by Under Armour has been pronounced as one of the best basketball shoes for kids by many users and reviewers.

This proves that Under Armour is not messing around and seriously taking all aspects that affect the gameplay. This particular shoe is specially made in accordance with the gameplay of basketball so you don’t need to have any second thoughts before taking a look at it.

Let’s start off with the primary features of this shoe. Its exterior is one to look for; a pleasing and soothing outlining on its outer part is something to glance at. A gracious and courteous peripheral of this shoe will catch an eye of every spectator in the arena as well as your opponents. You will find yourself on a different level while these shoes are on your feet.

High-grade leather made the body of this will provide solid support to your shoe and make it resistant to most of the environments. A rigid yet flexible form will allow your moment to be extended from its previous capacity.

The upper part of the shoe shows some interesting properties. There are certain things over there which you’ll like without a doubt. One of those is the molded quarter panels. The provision of these panels is provided so that breathability of the shoe becomes an enhanced asset and you won’t face any kind of deficiency of oxygen and air.

With the good amount of air being supplied to your feet, the calmness and coolness of your feet will be achieved and with those parameters your game will be greatly improved.

One thing that separates this shoe from other best basketball shoes for kids is its anti-odor technology. You might be thinking about what shoes have to do with the odor? Well, odor-causing micro-orbs aren’t appreciated as they get stick to the shoe and hinder your gameplay. Although it does not have any significant effect but having it can’t hurt, can it?

So if your kid is looking for amazing footwear for playing basketball then this can prove to be a great choice as it will fit perfectly in his/her feet without much of a trouble.

  • It is lightweight and very comfortable.
  • Its leather and synthetic build is very tough and suited for rash gameplay.
  • Anti-odour technology limits the growth of odor micro-orbs.
  • Its arch support is good.
  • They come up in limited colors.
  • They are not suitable for wide feet.

2. Nike Kids Team Hustle

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

When we are talking about shoes of any kind, there is no way Nike is going to be left out. Especially in a game like a basketball where shoes play an important role, Nike has immersed its hand into this sport and has been providing with outstanding shoes for the game.

Over the years they have added some of the best basketball shoes for kids into their stands and are constantly increasing the quality of the day by day. One of the finest in their library is Nike Kids Team Hustle.

If your kid lies in the age range of 9-12 than these shoes can become an ideal choice for him as these are made deliberately to match the sizes of their feet. The textile made body covers up most of the part of the feet leaving no voids or empty spaces. Now when you look at it from the outside you’d think she is a bit compact but inside there is a lot of space to immerse your leg.

But even so, a certain amount of tolerance is provided so that there isn’t any problem of blockage of your feet.

A firm hold of a mid-foot is necessary for the overall balance of the feet as it is a central part and that is where Nike Kids Team Hustle excels. Its hook and loop strap provides steady support that makes sure your feet remain in one place and doesn’t deviate elsewhere. Locking your feet to a certain point will become easy enough one you wrap your feet around this strap.

For further relief and comfort and very comfort cushioning effect can be obtained via this shoe as foam mid-sole which is flexible in nature will provide all the measures so that your feet rest easy without facing any uncertainties. We all know how essential the comfort factor is when it comes to shoes and with Nike Kids Team Hustle your kid will find the next level of aid to the feet.

Along with relaxation of feet, the material which is used to make this shoe also provides lightness factor to it, which again makes it more soothing and relaxing. All these factors result in making this shoe one of the best basketball shoes for kids so you shouldn’t hesitate while buying one.

  • These are very much suitable for even large feet.
  • The integrated foam-backed mesh is a recipe for comfort.
  • Good stability to your feet can be obtained.
  • The shoe is flexible.
  • They are not suitable for very small feet.
  • Its use is limited to indoor activities.

3. Nike Boys’ Air Jordan

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Air Jordan is one of the most popular shoes in this game of basketball. Many famous basketball players, as well as college students, have found Air Jordan to be an ideal choice for playing basketball. After successfully producing basketball shoes for men now Air Jordan wants to try on the kids’ section and hence the introduction of Nike Boys’ Air Jordan.

Just upon their arrival, they’ve become one of the best basketball shoes for kids because of the eminent features they’ve employed in the shoes. This kid’s version of Air Jordan has surpassed many other versions because of its reliability and durability making it an ultimate beast.

Whenever someone wants to buy a shoe he will expect that shoe work for a long period of time. Air Jordan has a tendency to remain unharmed and in a top-notch condition even after years of usage. Their durability is unearthly. It doesn’t matter how much you use it without any interruption, they’ll never lose their edge.

The reason behind this never-ending durability is its leather upper which is pretty tough and can stand various types of situations. So if you are looking for a shoe that offers a higher period of optimum usage then you should go for this beautiful piece by Nike.

Durability is not the only thing which makes this shoe such a unique buy. When you take a close look at this shoe you’ll find a perforated toe. The purpose of this perforated toe is to provide the optimum amount of air to your feet. The breathability factor of this shoe is outstanding and many users of it have praised this particular aspect of the shoe.

With a good amount of air entering the shoe the feeling of greasiness will be annihilated completely and a greater level of satisfaction will be obtained. This is essential for kids as they can’t endure much of itching as it causes irritation and might take your eyes off a game for some instance.

Besides all of the mentioned features, good flexibility and traction support are also one of the key features of this shoe. With the help of rubber thread embedded with flex grooves, you will find an enhanced level of grip to the floor and much stability.

  • It comes up with a rubber sole which increases its flexibility.
  • Compared with other shoes for basketball shoes, its life span is pretty large.
  • It provides an optimum amount of traction to the floor.
  • There is a good circulation of air inside of a shoe.
  • It’s a little bit pricy compared to other shoes.
  • The fashion aspect of this shoe is just above average.

4. Nike Lebron XIII

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

After Air Jordan series from Nike, if there is any more worthy series of appreciation then that is Lebron series. Nike Lebron XIII for kids is a decisive choice for your 8-12 year basketball playing ball.

Though, it is only suitable for large feet so you might have to take that into consideration before making a buy. Besides that, this is a rich and luxurious shoe that fancies essential parts of the game and blows away other shoes out of the water in terms of fashion and style. And what’s more, it comes at a big price which isn’t actually a desirable aspect but good for people who like to brag eh?

Now that you know about its price it is expected that this shoe must have some fancy and splendid features. Among those features, a very first is its special Hyperposite zones. To make it clear in simple words, Heterosite zones assist the breathing of shoe. By fusing them with the upper mesh a highly enhanced quality of breathing is obtained in Nike Lebron XIII version of kids’ shoe.

This feature not only supports the breathing of a shoe but also reduces the weight of a shoe to a great extent. With the help of this feature, you can take the highest jumps in the court without having to worry about your reach as it’s going to be increased anyway.

Along with the comfort factor of breathability, it’s’ cushioning is not any level behind. You will expect a great deal of cushioning from the shoe of this kind of price and you won’t be disappointed.

For the cushioning purpose, there are special provisions made. There is a hex shaped foam midsole pods that offer good responsive cushioning. This hex shape assists in distributing the cushioning effect to all parts of feet making them get comfort evenly. Apart from providing cushioning this ensures that impacts made over the shoe due to high jumps are also absorbed effectively and the addition of air heel unit just multiplies the entire effect.

A classic white and pastel look is provided to this shoe which makes it a center of attraction in the herd of other shoes. To make up for all the money this shoe is asking, its style and design is deluxe. Though some people might find it spendthrift but if you are a fan of fashion then this is the one shoe you can look up to.

  • Hyperposite Zones provide optimum breathability.
  • It employs maximum volume zoom air hell which helps is absorbing rapid landings.
  • It has an amazing look to it.
  • This shoe is flexible and suitable for all sizes of kids between 8-12 age.
  • It is very expensive.
  • Some people might find design overgenerous.

5. Champion Boys’ Inferno

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Among all the shiny and deluxe group of shoes, if you are looking for a simple and basic shoe for basketball then giving a try at Champion Boys’ Inferno won’t hurt. For the people who don’t like flashy appearances and want to keep their focus only on the game, this shoe is a vibrant choice for them.

But don’t get it twisted with all the simplicity that you’ll find in this shoe because there are some amazing aspects of this shoe that might be unheard to you. This shoe is designed for that niche section of people who prefer to stay simple and modest so if you are one of them, you should absolutely take a peek at this shoe.

As you know that Champion Inferno’s style and design doesn’t make it a standout shoe but there are other aspects which one might find intriguing. For instance, its fit is something to look into.

Flexible, bendable and springy laces are there for the shoe which as a whole turns the entire shoe into a rubber ball; meaning you can stretch it however you want and it will acquire the required form which matches the sizes of your feet, leaving no empty spaces. But flexible doesn’t mean it isn’t tough.

Although its material isn’t any superior or in the leagues of that of Nike’s and Under Armour’s but sufficient robustness is rooted in the shoes making it a stronger piece.

One of the important aspects of this shoe is its price. It comes up at a very cheap rate but offers some good features that match even some shoes of the higher rate. So if you are little low on budget, you won’t have to compromise with the quality since this shoe can make up for all of your requirements.

In accordance with this price, decent ankle support can also be derived from the shoe. With the ankle pull tab, your ankle will be prevented to go through many twists and turns and will be away from any injuries. Although quality of ankle support in this isn’t that great, it is decent enough to carry your feet.

All these features result in making it one of the best basketball shoes for kids right now.

  • This is one of the cheapest shoes you’ll find in the market.
  • Decent ankle support is provided.
  • It offers shoes for a wide age range of kids.
  • Simple in design yet optimistic exposure.
  • It doesn’t have any ravishing or flashy look to it.
  • Its durability is less compared to other shoes.
  • These are a bit slippery at the bottom.

6. Jordan Air True Flight

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

All the shoes that we’ve seen so far are either leather made or textile. This is the first entry into the list which is made up of rubber. Though most of the people prefer leather when it comes to sports shoe rubber has its own perks.

They say a world without good rubber would be a world without sneakers and it is entirely true as this synthetic material is responsible for bringing many unseen aspects to the shoe. When we talk about shoe made up for rubber it isn’t applicable to the entire body. The main frame is made up of rubber and some other parts of leather and other materials.

This is an exceptional choice for your basketball playing toddler because of its outlook and startling performance on the field. It is made up by taking suggestions by the top player into consideration.

It covers your entire foot, leaving no gaps and breaches between your feet and inner portion of the shoe so that your toes and fingers are restricted to their place. A good and comfortable fit is provisioned by neoprene dynamic fit inner sleeve along with leather and the durabuck upper portion.

Securing your entire feet is one of the things that one of the best basketball shoes for kids should be capable of doing and this shoe achieves it with the help of nylon web pull which is employed in it. With this feature, your feet s is perfectly contained within a shoe.

Jumping and landing are two things a player experiences while playing basketball. Now while landing a player is likely to face some impact force acting on his feet. To minimize and reduce this force an air sole unit made up of Polyurethane footbed which is flexible throughout length is included in this shoe.

This helps you in releasing all the energy while you are landing with comfort and without facing any kind of heavy blow. This also increases the response of feet to your shoe which propels your overall movement. With faster movement, your gameplay is likely to be increased.

This is one of the most ideal choices for basketball shoes as it has all the necessary stuff required for an optimum shoe that is why it is one of the best basketball shoes for kids.

  • It is highly comfortable and sufficiently tight.
  • It provides 100% fitting.
  • It has optimum ankle support.
  • Breaking in of this shoe is easy.
  • Good traction.
  • These are available in a wide range of colors.
  • Occasional cleaning has to be carried out.
  • The durability isn’t that good.
  • Breathability requires some improvement.

7. Nike LeBron Soldier XI

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

I guess you won’t be surprised to see anymore Nike in this list as you know the kind of magnitude they have any kind of ground they cover in the field of basketball. They’ve been manufacturing high-grade shoes constantly without much of uncertainties and because of that their market has gotten much bigger.

Another inclusion to their list of best basketball shoes for kids is Nike Lebron Soldier XI. Make your toddler a soldier of basketball by having him this shoe, such as a capability of this shoe that it makes player’s movement swift and agile like a soldier. Send him into the court like going for war and enhance his performance with the help of this shoe.

Just like other Nike pieces listed above this shoe employs a premium fit. Once you get into the field you won’t feel any kind of space between your feet and interior of the shoe which helps in limiting unwanted movement of the shoe. Enough amount of clearance makes sure that there is sufficient gap for circulation of air.

With no rooms for any voids or valleys, you can carry your feet into the air to the full extent and entire weight of your feet can be centered at one point. Your jump capacity is mainly assisted via this shoe, though not much admirable it is good enough for what it is.

Now let’s talk about its traction.

When you’ll look at the bottom part of these shoes you’ll find a honeycomb herringbone that provides an ultimate amount of traction. These consist of nubs which help in attaching the shoe to a floor giving a perfect grip. This kind of traction can be effectively used for indoor as well as outdoor courts since it doesn’t let dirt and foreign particles get accumulated into the cores.

Even some professional players have said that this was one of the best traction they had seen for a basketball shoe which makes it an ultimate choice for your kid to wear as he can learn the elements of a game at a very rapid speed.

For the comfort and cushioning there is a provision of the Phylon midsole which delivers a pretty soft cushioning effect to your feet. Along with that heel and forefoot, zoom air unit gives good protection against impact forces.

  • These are nearly perfect shoes because of the amazing traction they provide.
  • Phylon midsole and zoom air unit give some of the best cushioning you’ll find in the market.
  • It does not require any break in as the material is soft and reliable.
  • Lockdown of this shoe is great providing it additional support.
  • Putting these on can be a bit difficult for some.
  • Its durability doesn’t stand out for its price.

8. Adidas Kids’ Hoops 2.0

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Surprised to see first entry from Adidas in this list? Well, you shouldn’t be as we already mentioned in the article how Nike and Adidas are two giant pillars of basketball shoe manufacturing industry.

Though Adidas is slightly more oriented towards regular basketball shoes, which is why you won’t see much of Adidas in the kid’s section. Nevertheless, this shoe Adidas Hoops is a banger when it comes to basketball. It covers most of the important sections which are essential in order to qualify as one of the best basketball shoes for kids.

Although, you can’t expect it to be on par with other shoes as Adidas isn’t really one to look for when buying shoes for kids but even with that, this could be an exemplary choice for your kid.

Its balance and support are pretty amazing if we talk about its key features. An introduction of hook and loop closure strap attachés most of the portion of your feet to the shoe which results in equal distribution of forces all over the shoe. This enhances your stability to a great extent and makes your movement for flexible and malleable.

Without losing much of a momentum you can move from one point to another and this stability adds an extra dimension to your game. You can make your strategic moves without any restriction and improve your gameplay at a prompt speed.

Its body is amazing. Though upon your first glance at it, this shoe would seem like any other ordinary shoe you but don’t be fooled by it. The simplicity factor holds much higher value then you would know. For instance, its simple black and white straps will make it easier for you to spot your kid among the herd of colorful shoes.

Along with its elegant look, a fine synthetic leather upper gives extra support to your feet making it tougher. This also slightly helps in the breathing of a shoe, although the breathing factor of this shoe isn’t commendable but still for its price, it’s great. Since this shoe is simple in design it includes a limited number of colors which include cloud white, real blue, and clear pink. Each color adding different essence to the shoe.

  • It employs a rubber sole which enhances its flexibility.
  • The textile lining included in the shoe makes it more comfortable.
  • For enhanced cushioning effect die-cut EVA sock liner is provided.
  • Simple and easy to clean from dirt.
  • It has a limited range of sizes for kids.

9. Fila F-13 Mid-Top

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Fila isn’t the name you might be familiar with if you’re new to basketball but trust me they’ve been producing some of the staggering shoes in the field of basketball. If you are a fan of this sport you can’t escape taking a glance at their products as those are remarkable.

In their list of extraordinary shoes, Fila F-13 Mid-Top is a noteworthy choice for your kid who loves playing basketball. They are mostly known for their shiny and glittery shoes which stand out as a rare one when you are in a group of people. So if you are fond of some stylish stuff then you give a try to Fila F-13 Mid-Top basketball shoe.

Safety is one of the things that you’d want your child to have while playing basketball. Kids are careless and move rashly in the court without having any second thoughts. That’s why it becomes essential that their feet must be protected while they play.

To provide a foolproof protection F-13 employs pierced leather and synthetic uppers which limit the twisting and other movements which might cause fracture or twisting of feet. They highly minimize these unnatural movements which can harm your toddler without his knowing. So if you care much about the safety of your child then these shoes can be a remarkable choice.

Just like the previous shoe, it has a hook and loop closure design which provides a good amount of support and stability to your feet which again reduces the vulnerability of your child to injuries.

Apart from that, it features a thick rubber outsole and EVA midsole. The function of this EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is to provide premium softness to the shoe so that it becomes soft and weightless. EVA can be a great alternative to rubber as additional gentleness can be obtained by its use.

A good cushioning is always appreciated for a basketball shoe, that’s why Fila has made provision for these soles to provide a better quality of smoothness to your feet. Apart from that it also offers resistance to water and other particles which makes its usage much wider.

  • Enhanced comfort is added to your feet with EVA sole.
  • Its traction and durability are very high.
  • They can’t sustain hot environments like Nike’s shoes. That’s why there is a high possibility of them getting heated up in summer.
  • Ventilation needs some improvement.

10. Nike KD 8

The dominance of Nike can be determined in the section of best basketball shoes for kids with this list and the last entry to this list which is from Nike itself makes their position clear. This one product from Nike is a bit subtle and ordinary compared to other shoes that Nike offers for kids.

But don’t let it get swayed as it has the potential to be called as one of the best basketball shoes for kids in the modern day. It might not be that good looking or it might not have any flashy aspects to it but the kind of features it offers can’t be unseen as they are significant in their own way, and the price at which it comes makes it a win-win deal for you.

This shoe is pretty small in size, unlike other shoes we’ve seen in the list which makes it lighter and easy to put in and put out. A famous flyweave construction which is designed by Nike is employed in this shoe which increases the support to your feet in an improbable amount.

This aspect also reduces the weight of the shoe and almost makes it negligible. So whenever you put them on you can run like a freebie. The aim is to provide perfect syncing of feet with the shoe and this product from Nike pretty much succeeds at that.

If you ask any professional player that what is the most important aspect while dribbling his answer will be the responsiveness of the feet to each twist and turn they take while running for a point. This Nike KD 8 offers a premium amount of response to your feet. This is possible because of its articulated zoom air unit which keeps the movement of your shoe intact and in rhythm with your feet.

Along with that its rubber structure increases its durability and provides good traction to the shoe so that you don’t become prey of any skidding and slipping action.

  • They are small in size which makes them a very good fit.
  • While taking hard cuts you can assert your balance to one point because of its Flywire cables.
  • Lightweight cushioning can be felt due to the provision of Phylon.
  • If your kid is hard on shoes then this can be a perfect choice for you as they last for a longer period.
  • They are simple in look and design.

Buyers Guide for Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Now that we’ve taken a look into some of the best basketball shoes for kids, it is the time we know some important factors that one must consider while buying basketball shoes for their toddlers. We all know the role of shoes in the basketball, that’s why their selection process should be handled carefully so that you don’t get robbed of your money.

This guide will give you some heads up before you go about purchasing shoes for your kids.

Type of Material

There are mainly three sections of the shoe; upper, midsole and outsole. Selection of proper material for each of them is an essential task as it directly influences comfort and other related factors. You must know what type of material your toddler is comfortable with and then make a selection.

For uppers, there are soft uppers and hard rubbers. For soft rubbers, usually synthetic woven is used and as for hard material rubber is used. You must select according to the requirement of your kid. Similarly, for midsole and outsole, there are different types of materials which include EVA, Polyurethane, rubber, etc.


When buying a basketball shoe for a kid you must take durability factor into consideration as kids like to play rash and in that process, they end up wearing out shoe. So select a shoe which can be used for a longer period of time even if subjected to rash treatment.

Height of a Shoe

You must know which ideal height is for your kid. There are mainly three types of height which include low, mid and high cut. So select the one which is desirable and perfect for your kid.


As we already know traction plays a very important role in the gameplay of a player and a good amount of traction can give a solid boost to the gameplay of your child. So you must know before purchasing that what type of traction is being offered.


By taking all the above-mentioned points into consideration you can get the best basketball shoes for kids. If you are a little low on budget you can get Nike KD 8 or if you like flashy stuff then Fila Nike LeBron XIII is for you.

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